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Distinctive Home Accessories
Treasures to surround you with warmth and love!

Accessories are truly the finishing touch in a home. From books to candlesticks from flowers to photographs, this is where your personality comes shining through. I have had the pleasure of working with clients who have given me much inspiration over the years. From paintings of one client's mother to her own personal photos to her vast collection of florals, I felt the presents of her family history by walking through the home. Family photos are a wonderful display of artwork and it surrounds you with warmth and love.

I recently received a treasured book from a client and friend. Every so often, I turn the page and I have another photo for me to enjoy. It is like a gift that keeps on giving to me on a daily basis. I use my coffee table everyday and this is where I have placed this treasured book. If a person loves books—display them. If it happens to be family pictures—display them. If sports or traveling is your thing display items related to this theme and it will also make for great conversation.

Again, one thought comes to mind. Decorate your home with things you love. Your home is your private retreat. Decorate for you and your family, not for your neighbor or friend. This is what is so exciting today, It is fun to see what someone else has on their canvas because we are all artist in some form or fashion.

In reviewing our website if you find your own treasure that you would like to purchase, please let us know. If through one of our manufacturers or distributors we can order it for you and chances are, get it for you at a discounted price.

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