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Art is a "Mirror of the Soul."

Art is one of the most personal touches you will add to your home. Art is what brings a home alive with your personality—perhaps with family photos, paintings, sculptures or artifacts. Interesting, while prices on artwork varies dramatically, from very inexpensive to outrageously priced, cost does not necessarily add to the elegance of a room's appearance. A beautiful framed portrait of a family member, for example, can look stunning hung by the fireplace and can be unquestionably more appropriate than a million dollar oil painting!

One piece of art can transform your whole room. Many people seem to favor one artist and create a gallery of his or her work while others create space for an assortment of artwork from many artisans. Whether you like traditional or contemporary, or oil or acrylic, to chalk to watercolor or pen and ink—the choices are endless.

Interior's Delight has worked with many artists from all parts of the country. We carry the lines from Paragon Pictures and Propac Images for those clients looking for inexpensive to moderately price artwork, and for those with a higher budget, an outstanding collection of original American and European art from Thanhardt-Burger. Their company, W. T. Burger, is also a manufacturer of lovingly hand crafted custom frames. They are one of the few, if not only, framing companies that own an extensive collection of original 19th century frame molds. If you're looking for an exquisite frame, this is the source for you. And as a dealer with them for over 25 years, placing your order through us will get you special prices.

One of our most favorite artist is Pierre Matisse. He is the grandson of the world famous master artist, Henri Matisse. He is not only an incredible artist but also a true gentleman. Pierre works tirelessly on his artwork and gives much of his time and energy to great causes. He especially has a soft spot for children. Those interested in his artwork should be certain to contact us personally to ensure the very best prices.

Being a designer for 32 years I have had the joy and privilege to meet many artists—and getting a few lessons along the way. These artists include Pierre Matisse, Robert Cardinal, Edna Hibel, Steve Schultz, Willie Bauer and Bob Timerlake among others. Many people say that art is a "Mirror of the Soul."

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