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Fabric is like artwork. Whether it is texture, style, color or feel, fabric is the heart and soul of a room. Making a fabric choice for a room is where a designer really earns her keep, so to speak. There are thousands and thousands of fabric choices to choose from. The key is for a designer to listen to their client's ideas and then to determine what they wish to accomplish in their room or home. Then designers magically appear with wonderful fabric choices and the process is in full swing.





There are ways to use basic good wearing fabrics that are priced reasonable for most of the choices and then use a designer fabric, which may or may not be more expensive for a set of pillows or a throw which will bring in the exquisite look we are after. This look can be eclectic or traditional, contemporary or transitional and this can all be done with a fabric that is focused to the client's liking.

One of the most exciting things about a design career is the simple fact that our business is always changing. One season it can gear to the blues and the next season it could be raspberry. Remember, good taste is always in style. It is a true test when a designer can look back at their work done 20 years ago and still have a stylish and current look to a room. This is the objective that a designer should always hope to achieve.

We invite you to check out the fabric manufacturers and distributors listed in the sidebar on the left. Should you find anything to your liking we will be happy to order it for you. In most cases, we can also obtain a sample of it prior to purchase to ensure that it meets with your satisfaction. Simply contact us via email or telephone and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

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One of my favorite things to do is to surround my clients in the colors they look good in. Once I meet with a client, I find that this very easy for me to achieve

But I must also bear in mind that a client's personality, their spouse, household members, and their wishes and desires, are all key factors which I must always take into consideration in selecting the perfect fabrics for them