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In my opinion granite is still one of the most beautiful looks in countertops. It is a great experience to choose the granite slab you love the best and then see it transformed into a gorgeous countertop, floor, fireplace or jacuzzi surround. It is amazing what a ogee edge looks like in comparison to a bull nose or the many other edges. These are just some of the things to consider in your granite selection and design—along with many other decisions!.

Tumbled marble, Zodiac, CeasarStone, various tiles, concrete and other solid surfaces can also be used to create a look of warmth and elegance. In addition to choosing the type of solid surface and appearance, price is also a major consideration. Depending on your selection, prices can range from moderate to extremely expensive.

Today, consumers are using a lot of medallions in their floors, walls, etc. These can be made of stone, granite or tile and even a combination of all three. Medallions can be purchased from such companies as Intarsia or they can be custom made with our design or yours. The choices are endless when it comes to tile, marble, granite—any stone. It is great to have the advice of a designer for no other reason than you don't want to make a mistake with the cost of these items. Working closely with the granite and stone professional will also give you important information on maintenance and care options.

A great fabricator and installer is of most importance. In fact, it can make all the difference between an okay job and a drop-dead gorgeous look of elegance! At Interior's Delight we use only the very finest fabricators and installers in the area. They are known for their high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to check out the various resources on this page to help you get some ideas! Then, by all means, check back with us and let us know of your desire. We will be most happy to assist you, either with your purchase of stone, the selection of a fabricator and installer, or in the complete design, what ever it may be.

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