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Design inspirational lighting schemes to illuminate your world!

When it comes to lighting, working with an interior designer or lighting specialist can truly enhance the beauty of your home. You can typically save money in the process and ensure quality lighting that radiates exactly where and to what intensity you want it.

Ideally, in choosing lighting pre-construction is the best time to hire an interior designer. When we have your house plans in hand we can easily work with you to create your lighting specifications. By starting early in the process you see what is currently in the market for styles, which is ever changing. This allows plenty of time to place an order in case items are back ordered. It costs you money if there is any hold-up in construction.

Another really important consideration is the placement of your outlets and switches throughout the house. There is nothing worse than not having an outlet where it is really needed. As a new home owner you can do so many things to make your life easier and a designer can point these options out to you when it costs little to do so in the early stages of construction. Remember this placement is in the house and also outside of it, so you are well equipped with outlets for grills, ceiling fans, TV receptacles, pool equipment, etc.

There are always new things on the market such as multi-tasking dimmer switches. This item is not only a dimmer switch, it is a timer too! Lutron Electronics has an item called Maestro and it is a combination dimmer and timer that just won the 2008 KB award in the Kitchen and Baths magazine annual competition.

There are many things to consider with lighting. As we age, lighting becomes more important for us. Whether it is for task lighting or overall lighting we need more of it. For a child's room, lighting takes on many more meanings. The room is not for sleeping alone but also is where a child might do his or her computer work or homework. When children are babies or toddlers the first thing to keep in mind is their safety. Night lights and dimmer switches are great so you can easily monitor the amount of light deemed necessary for checking in on children or reading their favorite bedtime story. Young students need task lighting for a desk area or space where their school work is done. Remember, good lighting is a must for them to work by. It is great fun to select lighting for children without spending a fortune. They have hanging airplanes or Tinkerbell lamps to ceiling fans with decorations to strobe lights and the list goes on. Endless possibilities.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market take a look at your lighting. There are some quick fixes to a tired home. The easiest thing to do is update your lighting fixtures. A new dining room fixture that can replace the builder special can really stands out. It shows potential buyers that you put detailed thought into your home. If you have very small outdoor lights, replace them with something that really shows up. A few large fixtures on either side of a garage door at a low price can easily add a few thousand dollars to your home's curb appeal and also into your pocket. Another big return item is when you light up the exterior with flood or spot lights or walkway illumination.You don't have to do a full blown landscaping plan for resale to recoup dollars at closing.

Mood lighting is most fun. You can pick any area that looks unlit and dull and by adding a floor lamp with a rheostat it becomes a romantic focal point rather than dead space. The same can be done with a hanging light or table lamp or even a small spot light on the floor. Don't ignore your plants either. Sometimes a small puck light can redefine a whole room by adding one little light shining up towards the plant or being hidden inside the plant.

The master bedroom is a fun place for mood lighting. This can be achieved by adding overhead fans and fans with lights with dimmers or like many of the models we are now doing, adding chandeliers to the master bedrooms. It really sets the tone of the room. Lamps and trochees or even wall sconces are a great touch and with the variety of options today. there is no limit. I love having ample lighting for reading in bed but I also love the soft glow of mood lighting to give you a quiet retreat area.

Cove lighting is another beautiful way to add ambient lighting to a room. The tube lights are hid behind the crown molding and give off a beautiful glow when on. These are normally put on dimmers as well.

Kitchen lighting is most important for your home. With tube lights, lighting can be installed above your cabinets or underneath the cabinets for a show of light and then you have many other choices for task lighting. There are certain placement options for these lights to make your lights really work for you. An interior designer will be able to tell you where lights should be positioned so when you are working at your counter you get the most light and not shadowing.

We invite you to check out the lighting resources on this page. Should you find anything that you wish to purchase be sure to let us know. We will get back to you with a great price and can have the item shipped directly to you.

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