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Wallpaper and Wall Coverings
Transform any room from plain to elegant!

Wallpaper can single handedly transform an old tired room to something fabulous with just a few strips of paper. It is an exciting process to find the paper that you like and then see the finished product. During the past several years we had just painted walls and the faux paint finishes corner the market. But now wallpaper is back!

In many cases it is more cost effective to use wallpaper than to have a finish painter come into your home. There is a wallpaper to fit every decorating style and budget. It's been an interesting time to see all the changes in the wallcovering industry. We now see jewels and sand and other embellishments added right to the paper. The choices are endless.

We offer a wide array of patterns, styles, textures and colors through our distributors and manufacturers. Our company can also recommend reputable paper hangers to do your job. We can also be of help to the do-it-yourselfers and to those consumers looking for a professional interior decorator to assist them in the process.

Interior's Delight also works with professional painters and artists that do beautiful paint techniques. We feel that we work with incredibly talented individuals. These professionals would be happy to assess your job and give you a price quote. We also have specialist in mural painting as well. Many of the painters will paint medallions or do finish work around your chandeliers or raised finishes with metallic touches— the possibilities are endless!

When it comes to decorating your home or office, investigate all possibilities. It is always fun to come across an item you love whether it be a sculpture, a grand piano or chandelier. In finding just one item that you love, you can create an entire room around this one item.

We invite you to check out the various links on this page and throughout our website. As you explore you are sure to find items of interest. If we can help you, in ordering anything or with our expertise in interior decorating, simply let us know.

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